A new website

After a couple of weeks of playing with WordPress, and also some deserved time off in France, I have finally decided to let go and publish the new version of this website.

It is actually harder than I thought. Not the setting up or designing of the website, but the letting go of it, no; more the reaching the point where you can say “this is enough for now, it is good enough, I can publish”. One can easily end up in an infinite loop, always adding the little change that will make a small difference.

There are still a few creases to iron out, a few teething problems, but here it is anyway! And I do welcome comments and constructive criticisms.

I guess it outlines quite well the different paths I am venturing into in terms of consultancy: mobile apps development, digital media consultancy, and software development process consultancy.

I aim to publish posts on this blog as often as possible, on technical topics as generic as smartphones design and architecture, software development, social networks, etc etc.

Stay tuned!

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