Sony to release DevKit for dual Playstation and Android development

Sony announced last week that they will release a development kit for their Playstation Suite (PS Suite) for content developers (i.e. gamers or apps developers), in order to allow porting of Playstation apps/games to Android devices.

This SDK will support C# as main programming language, meaning that games or apps developed through the SDK will run on the Playstation Vita, and also PS Certified devices.

Sony already has a couple of Android devices branded as “PS Certified”, in particular the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY smartphone, and the Sony tablets “S” and “P”, so this is a way for Sony to encourage developers to develop for the Sony ecosystem for less effort.

Sony Playstation Suite for Android

Announced for November, we’ll keep a watchful eye and try to get our hands on the SDK when it is released.

You can read more about it on the official press release (Sony Computer Entertainment to Offer Software Development Kit for PlayStation®Suite Starting This November).

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