Last day on t@g…

8 months ago, we were contacted to support Bolser, a Leeds-based digital agency, in their production of a new game for the not-yet-released Sony Playstation Vita. The challenge was exciting, working on a game using augmented reality, on a still under-development game console!

Our role was to define, develop and integrate the networking interface between the game and the game servers; you can read more details about the project itself on its dedicated page.

This project is now coming to an end, with the game having successfully passed Alpha, and now on the verge of Beta, which in Sony terms means it is feature complete, and ready to be launched after a couple of months of testing. Our networking stack is as ready as it can be, having been successfully heavily tested, for both functionalities and performance!

t@g is a really good augmented reality game that lets you design and place virtual tags in the real world, and allow you to share them with your friends; it has been a great pleasure to work in this small development team, with extremely talented programmer, and we are impressed in seeing the difference between the first version of the game that was demo’ed to us when we joined the project last summer, and the actual game we now have in our hands, as we are about to close our last defects!

We are looking forward to the t@g game being released this summer!

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