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Android NFC tag reader app update

We are proud to announce that our free NFC tag reader app has now been downloaded more than 10,000 times!

The app allows you to identify the type of tag you are scanning, and provides you access to non-secure information on Mifare cards.

Planned development involve currently support for Desfire, so watch out for an app update in the new year!

We also welcome any suggestions for improvements, so feel free to contact us directly with your requirements.

The NFC tag reader can be downloaded for free from Google Play here.

New app released – 600 raisons de ne pas voter Sorkozy (with Rue89)

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new app last week! The app is based on an extremely well-documented article published in the online French newspaper Rue89 listing 600 reasons not to vote for Nicolas Sarkozy for the French presidential election taking place in April/May 2012. The newspaper listed these reasons, and […]

Update to our Number Properties app – Ulam’s Spiral

Our Number Properties app was released a few weeks ago, and we have finally found the time (during our Christmas break!) to tweak it. More details about this Android app can be found on its dedicated page. Amongst some minor improvements (slightly faster Sieve of Eratosthenes!), the main addition to this version is the capability […]

Non-linear activity flow in an Android app

I have been facing this particular problem in one demo android app I am working on at the moment. The problem is that when the flow of activities in an Android app is linear, then the back button in Android is more than enough to get back to the previous activity. But when the flow […]

Number properties app released to Android Market

We have launched a new app yesterday on the Android Market. Being a kind of geek, it’s only normal that this app focuses on the properties of integers and the generation of prime numbers 😉 Find out more details about it on our dedicated number properties app page, and download it form the Android Market […]

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