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New app released – 600 raisons de ne pas voter Sorkozy (with Rue89)

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new app last week!

Rue89 - 600 raisons de ne pas voter Nicolas Sarkozy

The app is based on an extremely well-documented article published in the online French newspaper Rue89 listing 600 reasons not to vote for Nicolas Sarkozy for the French presidential election taking place in April/May 2012. The newspaper listed these reasons, and provided also links to articles, books, videos, on the web where the justification could be found.


We teamed-up with Rue89 to design and develop an app based on this, Rue89 providing the content in the form of a database, and Lothringer designing and publishing the resulting app.

You can browse the reasons, either randomly or using the next/previous buttons. For each of these reasons, you can tap on the associated link, and read the relevant article, or watch the video. More importantly, you can share the reasons you like on Facebook and Twitter!

You can visit our page dedicated to this app here.

This app has already been published on the Android Market, and is in the process of being published on the Apple iStore.

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