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Android NFC tag reader app update

We are proud to announce that our free NFC tag reader app has now been downloaded more than 10,000 times!

The app allows you to identify the type of tag you are scanning, and provides you access to non-secure information on Mifare cards.

Planned development involve currently support for Desfire, so watch out for an app update in the new year!

We also welcome any suggestions for improvements, so feel free to contact us directly with your requirements.

The NFC tag reader can be downloaded for free from Google Play here.

NFC: Has contact-less tech come of age?

Mobile Monday Manchester (Sept 12th 2011) Yesterday I attended another session of the now regular Mobile Monday Manchester (or MoMoMcr). I am always surprised by the number of people turning up to such events, maybe because I am biased, thinking that nothing happened outside of London. But I am happy to be proved wrong, and […]

Near Field Communication introduction

The latest project we have been commissioned to participate in is very much R&D in nature, and it involves NFC (Near Field Communications). NFC is a contactless (short-range) point-to-point technology based on short range radio frequencies. It is similar in that sense to Bluetooth, but differentiates itself in some key areas we will describe later. […]

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