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t@g update

t@g was released on the Sony PlayStation Store on November 21st, and after a few weeks, there are already about 30000 users placing their tags all over the place! It has already received some pretty amazing reviews like this one:

The official game’s trailer provides some really useful tips in order to get to grips with the user interface and explains in details how to place tags using the augmented reality interface:

You can also follow t@g on Twitter.

Here is an idea of where those tags were placed (snapshot from Nov. 23rd):

Now it’s your turn to download the game and start placing your tags all over the place!

We are really proud to have been part of the development of such a cool game!

t@g is available for download at the Sony PlayStation Store here.

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Sony to release DevKit for dual Playstation and Android development

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Developing for the Sony Vita

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