NFC-based demo for nCount payment technology

Lothringer has been requested to help in the design and implementation of an Android-based mobile demo for a company developing a revolutionary contact-less payment system.

This technology is based on n-Counters (more info will be provided on these at a later stage, but let’s say for the moment that they consist on heavy encryption and one-way functions). The main advantage of this system is that it removes the need for a secure element on the merchant’s terminal (the place where you usually have to enter your pin number to confirm a transaction). All the security is already taken care off ┬áby the use of secured card or payer devices, on of which can be a mobile phone (using the SIM card as security).

Initially being developed for smart-cards, the various Java library need to be integrated in an Android demo where the phone will actually simulate a merchant’s terminal, while the payer will use a smartcard to pay for goods. The payment will be done in a contact-less way through NFC (Near Field Technology), with the payer simply “touching” the phone.

This topic will be developed further at a later stage, stay tuned!