Simple NFC Tag reader

A key project we are currently working on involves mobile payments over NFC (Near Field Communication). As part of our investigation of this technology, we decide to publish an app that provides all the available information contained on a card.

It should be pointed out that only the non-secure information is accessed!

Key functionalities:

  • read Tag ID
  • identify card technologies/capabilities:
    • NfcA (ISO 14443-3A)
    • NfcB (ISO 14443-3B)
    • NfcF (JIS 6319-4)
    • NfcV (ISO 15693)
    • IsoDep (ISO 14443-4)
    • Ndef
    • NdefFormatable
    • Mifare Classic
    • Mifare Ultralight
  • for Mifare cards, display:
    • type
    • size
    • number of sectors
    • number of blocks
    • content accessible with the default key


App Icon

NFC Tag Reader

Home screen

Home screen

Reading tag

Reading Tag

Reading complete

Tag Reading Complete

Mifare information

Mifare Information

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